M4 East rears its ugly head again

The Village Voice broke this story about secret State Government plans to build a controversial motorway in Sydney’s inner west after obtaining internal government documents.  The plan was being kept secret until after the state election. Published Village Voice Balmain, March 2007. Story by Ashlee Betteridge.

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Biobanking criticised by environmentalists and developers alike

The NSW Government’s “Biobanking” scheme is designed to offset the environmental damage caused by urban expansion and increase biodiversity without hampering the development industry. But criticism of the Biodiversity Banking Bill is coming from both sides of the fence. Developers and conservationists alike say the proposed law is underdeveloped and not the solution needed. Ashlee Betteridge has this report.

Broadcast on 2SERFM Sydney 107.3 and The Wire, national community radio current affairs program. August 15, 2006.

Biobanking (3 min 51 sec)