Coverage of gender-based violence issues in PNG and the Pacific

Through the ‘In Brief’ section of the Devpolicy Blog and interviews, Ashlee has been covering the latest news and research on gender-based violence in PNG and the Pacific region.

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Why is Timor-Leste trying to restrict the media?

This blog post analyses the proposed media law in Timor-Leste, which some commentators fear threatens press freedom, in the context of the wider challenges facing the Timor-Leste media.

In a context of increasing concern around corruption and public spending, the arguments of the government about the law being necessary for quality ring hollow, as does the reasoning that the law will enshrine journalism as a profession with protections.

This law will not solve the quality challenge facing the Timor press. New voices, increased competition and stronger demands from audiences are probably the best hopes, and they cannot be legislated into existence.

Instead, there is a real threat of increasing self-censorship by publications and individual journalists to mitigate their financial and legal risk in the face of the new sanctions that can be imposed under the law, and a real threat to the freedom and diversity of the Timor-Leste media.

Ashlee Betteridge

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Plan Timor-Leste: Photography in campaigns

My photography in Timor-Leste has been used in multiple campaigns by Plan International.

Because I am a Girl campaign – featured photo on international website (see featured image above).

Plan 75th anniversary/Count Every Child – featured photo gallery

Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 7.09.08 PM

Photography — Plan Timor-Leste

At Plan Timor-Leste part of my responsibilities include taking professional quality photographs in the field, as well as providing basic photography training to staff. The photographs are used to promote Plan’s work internationally.

View a slideshow of images taken for Plan Timor-Leste.

Sweet business success for women in Lautem — AlertNet/Plan

Maria (28) prepares cake batter in her kitchen in Louro, Lautem, Timor Leste while her son looks on. After receiving vocational training from Plan, she has started a small baking business with four other women. Plan/Ashlee Betteridge

A story on a successful bakery project started by women participating in one of Plan Timor-Leste’s youth livelihoods programs. Text produced in partnership with Timorese counterpart Maria Nunes. Published on AlertNet and Plan’s website.

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